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soni + house

“sonihouse” is a word made up of two concepts.
“soni” comes from the term “sonic” that describes things related to sound and “soniferous” which means to produce sound. It represents our attitude to focus on the fundamental question of how sound is produced.
“house” reflects our belief that any activity originates in a “house,” which is an accommodation for the community’s smallest unit, family. The French word for “house” is “maison”, which also stands for a “workshop” where highly skilled craftsmen gather to produce works with coherent philosophy.


Manpei TsurubayashiAcoustic design・Production

Born in Osaka in 1975
After graduating from Kyoto University of Art and Design with a BA in western painting, Manpei worked as a Contemporary artist and later joined an audio equipment manufacturer where he engaged in the planning, designing and production of speakers. In the meantime, with Anna Hasegawa, he founded sonihouse in 2007. After leaving the audio equipment maker in 2010, he completed "scenery," a coaxial, omnidirectional and dodecahedral speaker.

Anna TsurubayashiGraphic design, PR

“Born in Nara in 1980
After graduating from Seian University of Art and Design with a BA in graphic design, Anna joined the PR department of a restaurant group where she engaged in designing and PR activities such as the development of open tools and menus for a variety of industries. After becoming a freelancer, she worked on illustration, graphic, Web, and publication works. She then launched sonihouse with Manpei Tsurubayashi in 2007.


  • Establishment of sonihouse.
  • The first "IEUTGE," a truly homey event offering music and food.
  • Completion of "scenery," a coaxial, omnidirectional and dodecahedral speaker.
  • Completion of smaller speaker "view."
  • Completion of "sight," a coaxial, omnidirectional and 14-faced speaker.
  • The first "ieutage in TOKYO" in Nakano, Tokyo
  • Delivery of “scenery:02 LIVE version” to Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM). It was used for "Forest Symphony," a sound installation created jointly by Ryuichi Sakamoto and YCAM InterLab.
  • Office/show room/production site moved from Gakuenmae, Nara to Shinomiya, Nara.


Imagine a scenery
where people gather and listen to music reverently like they are praying.
People are satisfied with music.
Smiling, frowning, and even tearful faces can be found among the crowd.
The performer is solely focused on his sound. His concentration spreads to the audience.
The sound is close to blending in the space as everyone listens raptly to each and every note.
Before they know it, the boundary between performer and audience starts to disappear, and all the people there are just thankful to each other that they are sharing this time and space.
That scenery with beautiful music is what I imagine.

our principles

Satisfy daily life
Bring happiness to daily life
Imagine long time use
Maintain problem-awareness
Examine issues associated with sound and music from the very base.
Always look for issues, come up with new proposals and improve.
Deepen culture
Aim for sophisticated sound, music and surrounding environment.
Pursue depth instead of superficial novelty.
Believe that culture is the foundation of ethics.
Go beyond boundary
Aim to go beyond common sense and boundary.